Bedrock City

Along a flat, desolate stretch of highway, an enormous Fred Flintstone beckons motorists towards his little city in the desert. Bedrock City was built in 1972 as a roadside attraction and campground for those headed to the Grand Canyon. Today, it still offers a quirky and entertaining reprieve from driving to those who don’t mind a bit of dust and decay. The entrance to the park is within a sprawling gift/convenience store, much like Dragoon’s main attraction – The Thing. For a small fee, visitors can pass through the turnstile at the rear of the building and immediately find themselves immersed in the colorful yet crumbling world of The Flintstones.

The large property behind the gift shop is speckled with various themed buildings and endless photo ops with statues of the beloved characters and their less-than-practical vehicles. In the center of the park, a giant dinosaur slide serves as one of the two rides offered at the park. The other is a train that chugs along a small circular track in the far corner of the park – if you dare to flag down the less-than-thrilled teenage worker and ask for a ride. A few subtle touches, such as a decaying skeleton peering down from a second story window or a display case of mannequin heads, seem out of place and propel the park at times from quirky to creepy.

The park has been on the market since 2015 for an asking price of $2 million. Also in 2015, a family member of the current owner began The Bedrock City Alliance in attempt to save and restore the park. Bedrock City is certainly a roadside gem worth saving.


Location: 1 South Hwy 180, Williams, AZ 86046

Hours: 6:00 am to sunset in summer; 7:00 am to sunset in winter

Cost: $5 per person ($1 discount if you visit their website before your visit)



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