Nothing, AZ

A place called Nothing never really stood a chance. Since its settlement in 1977, Nothing has faced a turbulent existence. The population once swelled to four entire people, but the lone industry in the town – a gas station/convenience store – just couldn’t withstand such a boom. By 2005, Nothing’s population declined to, well…nothing. The two buildings that comprised the tiny civilization began to deteriorate along a lonely stretch of Highway 93.

Nothing’s story doesn’t end there though. In 2008, the aptly named remnants caught the eye of pizza mogul Mike Jensen, whose imagination and portable oven transformed Nothing into, well…nothing. The attempt at resurgence via pizza was short-lived.

Thus, Nothing sits abandoned once more. The ADOT-maintained trash cans are the primary draw for passing motorists, save for the the curious travelers eager to pull over and snap a picture of the remains. A chain link fence and smattering of No Trespassing signs deter onlookers from exploring the remaining buildings, which is probably for the best considering that Nothing’s primary residents these days are rattlesnakes. Still, there’s hope for Nothing, even as it quietly watches the world go by…only four inhabitants away from its next major boom.


Location: Route 93, between mile markers 148 and 149 on the northbound side (approx. 20 miles south of Wikieup)

Hours: Permanently closed

Cost: Nothing



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